Urgent and Emergency Vet Care in McMurray, PA

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We all hope our pets never experience an urgent or emergency medical problem. But if the unexpected happens, know that you can turn to Pleasant Valley Veterinary Clinic for any medical problem occurring during our regular office hours. We also have a service available for you to call if you’re facing an after-hours pet emergency.

See below for important information about urgent vet care and what to do if your pet has an emergency. Our veterinary team in McMurray, PA will do everything to help and, if necessary, direct you to a fully-equipped, 24/7 emergency hospital to ensure the best care for your pet.

If your pet has a medical concern, call Pleasant Valley Veterinary Clinic right away at (724) 941-5484.

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How is Urgent Vet Care Different from Emergency Vet Care?

Urgent care matters can be pressing for your pet, but they are thankfully not life-threatening. Prompt medical attention is important, however, to prevent the problem from worsening and causing more discomfort.

Emergencies, on the other hand, can be life-threatening, or have the potential to become life-threatening. These cases require immediate medical attention, along with overnight hospitalization and monitoring.

What to Do in Case of a Pet Emergency

Suppose your pet has an emergency during our regular office hours. In that case, you can call us immediately at (724) 941-5484 and our team will help you triage your pet and prepare for your arrival if we determine your pet needs to be seen right away.

If your pet has an emergency outside our office hours, you can still call us at (724) 941-5484 to be connected to our After Hours Assurance program. This will connect you with a representative and help you get the support you need for your pet.

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After Hours Emergency Referral Hospitals

Reach out to or take your pet directly to one of the following emergency hospitals if they have a serious health concern that can’t wait to be seen: