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When it comes to your pet's health, choosing the right veterinary clinic for cat and dog surgery is a significant decision. At Pleasant Valley Veterinary Clinic in McMurray, PA, we’re equipped to alleviate your worries with our range of high-end, affordable surgical options, ranging from spays, neuters, and mass removals to limited orthopedics and specialized procedures like stenotic nares surgery for Bulldog breeds. With every surgery our veterinarians perform, our team invests every safety precaution and mode of pain relief to make each procedure as comfortable and low-stress as we can.

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Types of Pet Surgeries We Do

Our animal hospital and team are equipped to capably perform a vast range of surgeries to benefit your pet’s quality of life and health.

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Making Cat & Dog Surgery Safer

We strive to make the surgery process as clear and comforting as we can for you and your pet. Before surgery, your pet will undergo a series of diagnostic tests including blood work and X-rays to ensure they are fit for the procedure. Throughout the surgery, our dedicated team monitors your pet’s vital signs closely.

After the surgery, we provide detailed aftercare instructions and necessary medications to help manage pain and prevent infections. Depending on the surgery, we may recommend specific mobility restrictions and physical exercises to aid in your pet’s recovery.

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Trust Our Expert Surgical Care

Choosing Pleasant Valley Veterinary Clinic for your pet’s surgery means choosing the kindest and most capable hands. We honor your trust and will go above and beyond to make your four-legged family member feel right at home with our team.

To learn more about our surgical services or arrange a pre-surgical exam, please call us today at (724) 941-5484 or make an appointment below.