First Aid for Dogs and Cats

First Aid For Dogs And Cats In Mcmurray Pa

First Aid for Dogs and Cats Definition: the first care given for serious injury, or definitive care given for minor injury. Five Basic Tenets of First Aid Don’t panic!  As difficult as it may sound, stay calm in a crisis.  Not only will it enable you to deal with the crisis more effectively, but remember…

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Your Veterinary Appointment

The Dos And Donts Of Your Veterinary Appointment In Mcmurray Pa

The Do’s and Don’ts of Your Veterinary Appointment Do not give your dog aspirin, including “doggy” aspirin. Aspirin does not effectively control pain, causes GI irritation, and prevents veterinarians from using proper pain medications due to drug interactions. Do not clean out your pet’s ears before coming to the vet for a check ear appointment.…

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Wellness Exams

Wellness Exams In Mcmurray Pa

Wellness Exams We are changing our terminology when it comes to evaluating our dogs and cats. We used to tell people to come in yearly so pets can “get their shots.” Over the last two decades, there has been a push away from seeing your veterinarian as a provider of vaccinations, and more of a…

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Truth About Pet Food

Truth About Pet Food In Mcmurray Pa

There are more than 3000 dog food brands in this country. Whose head wouldn’t be spinning while considering all these choices? It is also a multi-billion dollar industry, so corporate America knows there is a lot of money to be made. New companies are constantly arising, all trying to grab a piece of the pie.…

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Pet Death and Grief

Pet Death And Grief In Mcmurray Pa

Pet Death and Grief One of the most difficult times for pet owners is when their pet dies. Veterinarians know a pet loss causes grief that must be worked through. Pleasant Valley Veterinary Clinic has some suggestions to help pet owners understand and overcome pet loss. Be Prepared If pet loss is expected, it helps…

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Do Grain Free Foods Cause Heart Failure

Do Grain Free Foods Cause Heart Failure In Mcmurray Pa

Do Grain Free Foods Cause Heart Failure There have been many recent news reports of grain free foods causing heart disease.  As a result, many people are concerned they may be causing their dog harm by feeding a grain free diet.  In truth, the level of concern this has caused is greatly out of proportion…

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